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al rahah machines tr. as one of the professional printer servicing & photocopy machines sales and services/ repairing firm based in Sharjah . We believe in building strong relationship with our client and work with them to support their all needs for copiers, printers new or used of various brands. We are considered as the best printer servicing company having a track record of providing innovative solution with latest technologies.

Rental Copier

A very unique feature at al rahah is our innovative ‘rentals’, by which, we offer all equipments for use…for a nominal rent.   The customer does not need to invest capital for acquiring expenses printers and copiers.  His business can be run with our rental equipments thus helping to route the money thus saved for better purposes.  Customers can choose the right equipment so suit their business needs.  A fixed rent for a month/ year is fixed.  Additional charges would be necessary as per the usage of the printer/ copier.  Our expert service personnel are always at call for all needs of our rental equipments.

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